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Tahiti Hot Spot for Local Eats

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

One of the best things about traveling is discovering new foods. Have you really been to Tahiti if you have not tried Tahitian food?! Tahiti's cuisine is influenced by three main cultural influences - Tahiti, France & China. One of the best places to experience this combo is by going to the ever popular local Food Trucks or Roulottes as they are called in the islands. This is Tahiti street food at its best!

Enter Vaipoopoo Park, in the city Punaauia on Tahiti this new hot spot was opened mid 2019 after 15 months of renovations. Located in an ideal setting across from the island of Mo'orea. Designed as a gathering place to grab a bite, have fun, exercise or relax. Future plans include a bowling alley among other projects. One of the main highlights is the permanent food trucks offering a variety of dining options.

No reservations are needed. Expect more crowds on weekends and longer wait times. There is limited free parking, carpooling is advised or ask your driver to drop you off for a couple hours. We highly recommend arriving around sunset and enjoying a meal by the ocean or enjoying a session of yoga. Drop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner there is something for everyone. For Tahiti's national dish "poisson cru" or grilled fish give Lani's BBQ a try. If you are craving a poke bowl or vegan waffles, check out the ever popular Poke Bar. Le Crepuscule offers a large variety of pizzas in addition to savory and dessert crepes. Next time you are in Tahiti give this spot a try and let us know how you like it.

Photo credit: Poke Bar II

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