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The Hidden Gem called Heber

Today was my dad's big 5-0, his golden jubilee year. On July 3rd I flew to Utah from Hawai'i and the early, early morning of the 4th, my family drove to Heber to celebrate him.

Now I know what you're thinking. Heber? Utah?? What in the world could there possibly be to do there? Surprisingly, we had so much fun at a few local attractions. I'm here to tell you about them.

Our first stop was going on the "Freedom Train Ride." The part of the train we were on had huge open windows for us to easily see the view from any angle. We rode through mountains and trees and next to a giant lake. We saw so many people on the lake fishing and boating. I thought it was crazy because, mind you, it was freezing outside! There was snacks, little American flags to wave around, and live music and entertainment. My dad has always wanted to go on a train ride, and he is super patriotic, so he loved this!

After our train ride we told Dad we were going river rafting! He wasn't too excited. Good thing it was just a joke and we were actually going to the Homestead Crater, about 15 minutes outside of Heber. The Homestead Crater was, I think, easily everyone's favorite activity of the day. After changing into our swimsuits and strapping on life-jackets, we stepped foot into the warmest natural spring I've ever felt. We floated around and it felt heavenly. We were given snorkeling sets, but we couldn't even see the bottom of the crater - that's how deep it was! I took my life-jacket off because I wanted to see how fresh the water was. I immediately started sinking, that's how fresh it was! We stayed there for 45 minutes, but that was plenty of time. It was like staying in a giant natural hot tub for that long. But it was amazing! I highly recommend going there if you ever have a chance.

Granny's was for lunch. Granny's famous milkshakes, burgers, fries, onion rings and chicken tenders. Alllllll the good stuff. It was the first time I had Granny's in years, and it did not disappoint. I got their small grasshopper shake and it was huge! I couldn't finish it all - in fact, I don't think any of us finished our milkshakes.

After stuffing our faces with the 10/10 lunch, we went to Provo to do a SUPER fun escape room. 6 of us loved it. 1 of us cried the whole time because she was scared it was all real *cough, cough, Eden*. That's okay though.

My dad LOVED his birthday celebrations. He had tons of fun, as did the rest of us, and he was so grateful I was able to travel from Hawai'i and my older brother was able to travel from Las Vegas in time to party.

Happy Birthday, old man!


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