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World Mental Health Day


Today is World Mental Health Day, and I wanted to use this platform to help spread awareness about the importance of mental health. Statistically, 1 in 4 people have a mental illness. So chances are high that if you don't, a loved one of yours does. Mental health is so, so important because it affects literally everyone.

To me, mental health is the most important aspect of our well-being. If you struggle with mental health, it's likely you struggle with all other aspects of health as well - physical, spiritual and emotional. Our motivation, or lack of it, comes from what our mental state is like. If we're in a slump, whether from depression, something unexpected happened, someone was mean to you, or anything else that brought you down, it's hard to find motivation during those times. It's easy to just lay around, skip your workout, and eat junk food. Let's face it - we've all been there. It can take me days to get over that. With me, something finally clicks, and I get up and just get things done. It's not going to be the same for everybody, but forcing myself to be productive always helps me feel better.

It's so important to make sure our mind is always in a good place. It's not an easy thing to do, and you may need help doing it! I'm here to tell you that that is okay! Whether you need therapy, medication, extra time alone or extra time with loved ones - whatever you may need to get through it is okay and gonna be different for everyone. Find what works for you!

There's a stigma around having a mental disorder/illness that shouldn't exist. Mental illnesses are just as real and valid as physical illnesses, and sometimes they need to be treated by a professional in order to be overcome. There's no shame in that, despite what society may have taught you. More than 1 in 5 adults take medication for a psychiatric reason! So again, if you don't, chances are high that a loved one does.

Mental health is something that takes time to get right, but working on it is so worth it. We need to remember to stop being so quick to judge and start being quick to love. We never know who is struggling, so it's best to always be kind.


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