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Be Merry in Maryland

Happy National Maryland day! I've never been to Maryland...yet. I will one day because going to all 50 states is one of my goals!

When I think of Maryland I think of the ocean, boardwalks, Baltimore, and seafood. What do you think of? I wanted to research and share with you 5 restaurants in Maryland that I will go to when I make my trip to the east coast.

1. Woodberry Kitchen, Baltimore

This restaurant seems to be super popular and liked by every customer that leaves a review. Not to mention their food looks and sounds delicious. They offer everything from breakfast to dinner, and even live music. I love live music at restaurants - it makes the experience so much better, in my opinion. Something I love that they are doing right now is their "Here For Us Market". Because of Covid-19 restrictions, they've had to think of creative ways to make money. Right now their market is offering pre-made meals, produce and pantry items, and even things from other growers and creators in the Chesapeake area.

2. VOLT, Frederick

This place looks like nowhere else I've been before. Just looking at their menu made my stomach growl. It's a very modern seeming restaurant that offers regular meals or a spot at the chef's counter for a 15-course tasting! There is definitely history here though: it's located within a 19th century mansion, and the restaurant makes it a point to have an ambiance that reflects the location.

This seems like the place to go to get that authentic, touristy experience you want on a vacation. It's right on the water, has views of Chesapeake Bay, and delicious looking food. It seems like a perfect place to go before or after you enjoy a day out on the water and in the sunshine. There food is award-winning, authentic, and there is something for everyone!

4. Miss Shirley's Cafe, Baltimore & Annapolis

Who doesn't love a good brunch option? With multiple locations, awards, and features on populat TV channels (Food Network & The Travel Channel), this spot is one you'd have to eat at! I love that their menu offers everything from super sweet to savory options, so you'll be satisfied no matter what you're craving. It also screams "southern comfort" - not something I expected but I'm definitely not complaining about it.

5. Faidley's Seafood, Baltimore

Faidley's is said to have the best crab cakes in Maryland, so it's a no-brainer that you'd have to come here and taste them for yourself! They offer all kinds of seafood dishes and chowders which is what I'd want when going to Maryland. It's been around for over 100 years which is crazy to me. Just by the pictures I can tell their food is made with love and that the restaurant feels like home.


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