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In the summer of 2018 I moved into a house with two other girls already living there. I had no idea that when I moved there I'd be meeting some of the best people to ever enter my life - Madison and Beth. I also had no idea I'd have some of the best times on this little island with them!

Beth had a job as a tour guide at a zip-line place called CLIMB Works. One of the benefits of her job was being able to bring some friends on a free tour/zip-line adventure, so I got to go! It was incredible, and I'm here to tell you all about that experience.

It started with a ride in an open jeep up to the start of the course. The course consisted of like ten zip lines or something like that. I honestly don't remember exactly how many there were, but there were lots! (I looked it up and there are actually 8.) The whole experience took over an hour because not only were there a lot but they were super long. Each one was so much fun, and at each stop we learned a little something about the history of Hawaii, the location, the people, or something else unique. Something that was cool was when the history they talked about had to do with food, they had some for us to try! I remember trying apple bananas and cracking my own macadamia nuts.

The workers there made the experience better than I imagined it'd be. They were so good at their job - they knew the history, they knew how to keep and make you feel safe, and they made it fun. It helped that I was already friends with some of them, but even if you haven't met them before they'll feel like old friends! Sometimes they'd have us switch up how we went down the zip line. Check out this picture - they showed us how to hang upside down while we zip down!

We also did trust falls and rappelled down a small drop. The guides were really good at getting pictures of everyone at different stops and going down the different lines. Speaking of pictures, the views were picture perfect! We had mountain views, views of the farm (Keana Farm) and views of the beautiful, blue ocean.

Zip-lining, especially at CLIMB Works, is something I'd recommend to everyone! Whether you're scared of heights, have already been zip lining, or anything else you can think of, do it anyways! You'll have so much fun! It truly is an experience I will never forget.

Have you been sip lining? Where? Do you recommend it?



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